This is a FANBLOG in appreciation for the appealing model-turned-actor, Jang Kiyong. All materials belong to their respective owners
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Backstage at Munsoo Kwon SS15 SFW shot by Hyung Jin

Backstage at Ordinary People SS15 SFW photo by Lee Yoon Ho

Backstage at LEIGH SS15 SFW photo by stylogue

Jang Ki Yong @ CARUSO SS15 SFW photo by SYOFF

Jang Ki Yong @ JAYHOO SS15 SFW photo by SYOFF


Park Hyeong Seop & Jang Ki Yong backstage for Roliat @ Seoul Fashion Week S/S 15

cr: insunmo

Backstage at Munsoo Kwon SS15 SFW photo by p.f.m

NOTE: Can’t spot Kiyong in any show of today’s fashion week.. He was originally included in MAG&LOGAN’s line up but got replaced by fellow model Byeon Woo Seok

Jang Ki Yong or Ordinary People SS15 at SFW

Jang Ki Yong for LEIGH SS15 at SFW